airBaltic Economy, Riga (RIX) to Gatwick (LGW), Bombardier CS300

Hello! Welcome to Child Flyer, and this review will be about airBaltic economy on the Bombardier CS300. In this post I will be flying from Riga International Airport in Latvia to  London Gatwick. This will be a review of the ground experience at Riga (not very special), the flight and the ground experience at Gatwick (again not very special) On to the review!


  • SEAT: 17A


Here is the Ground Experience review for Riga airport:

Another CS300

We arrived at Riga airport by a Baltic taxi and then walked straight into the airport and then went straight to a restaurant called Lido which is a good restaurant, but I’m not sure what to call Lido since you don’t order things, but you take things off a long winding table, and then for some meals you ask the chefs and they give you the meal on a plate. We then went through security which had a medium sized line that took about 5 minutes. Then there were all the duty-free shops and all they got me to buy was a bottle of water :). Then was passport control, where even with British passports, the officer spent like 2 minutes looking through our passports. After that me and my Dad just sat down on the floor our flight was departing from, but we moved one level up because there was no WiFi for me to write this blog post :). My Mum wa

s going to come soon, though she wasn’t there with my sister at 3:05PM, and our flight started boarding at 3:20, and they close the gate at 3:30 for a 3:50 departure. We had a view of the queue for our flight, and a view of a CS300’s nose. My Mum showed up at 3:08 PM finally. Then my sister went to get a Diet Coke and then we just sat around and then boarded the plane and sat down in row 17. 

The Flight:


We had a funny safety video, and then taxied to runway 18, which apparently is 3200 meters long according to a sign. We were first in line for take-off, and once we got through a layer of clouds we got a beautiful sunset. The seat-belt sign went off about 4 minutes after take-off. I’m currently in seat 17A writing this blog post with a crying baby somewhere behind me :(. Then there was an announcement saying they will come through shortly with snacks, and for business class look in the menu for today. Then a silent video came on the overhead screens and said “Snacks, Choose Fresh, Refresh, Enjoy your meal”. Then a babyjust stood in the aisle and didn’t move until a crew member came to I think take a trolley. After that I just played X-Plane for a while. When the trolley came round to row 17, I just had some red pringles. My mum just had some tea and some sort of salad thing. Service was fine and it was normal speed, as we were four people. The next edition of this flight will probably be in business class, because of the British Airways first class flight I have on the 28th of December and the 1st of January. So that means New Year in New York and next flight will probably be business class, YAY!!!  We were just south of Sweden when I got kind of bored and started playing on my iPad. Then just a minute or two later a flight attendant came around with one of those rubbish bin trolleys. The rest of the flight was pretty boring and just bings of people pressing the call button. If you’re wondering why the pictures of the menu look so dark, it’s because their from the previous flight which had the same menu. I will want some WiFi after this flight after having no access to a flight simulator like X-Plane or Infinite Flight or any other very good video games. We were just east of Amsterdam when they came around with another trolley which had more pringles! Since PINS has no transfer partners that I know about, the next flight I take on airBaltic will probably be booked through British Airways. Tell me in the comments please what airline loyalty programs transfer from both BA and Etihad, since I will have about 50,000 miles in our BA household account, since me and my Mum have a household account. The reason I ask for Etihad is because I also have 1,000 Guest Miles there, and don’t want to keep them in Etihad, since they’ll expire. I looked through Etihad’s website, and I can’t find a transfer button, so if there’s a miles + cash option then please tell me. During our descent we hit some light turbelence around 4:10PM London time. This was just north of Brussels. I liked this flight, but I wasn’t looking forward to landing. This was because we had to get a National Express coach, and I don’t like coaches, and National Express seems to always be delayed. My Mum and I actually nearly missed a flight because the coach was delayed by like 45 minutes because of some fire. The time until we reach London is 29 minutes, so I’m bored and just going to re-read what I wrote. Then we landed at 6:47PM and the door opened at 7:01 PM, so we were a tiny bit late 



Ground experience at Gatwick:

We got off the plane via a jet bridge and then walked through Gatwick to passport control, which was quick, then we went to Marks & Spencer and bought some stuff. Then we took a short shuttle ride from the south terminal to the north terminal to get a coach home.


The airBaltic flight from Gatwick to Riga was probably more interesting, but that was probably because it was shorter. This bottom line should be the same as the previous post. I don’t know if I prefer Gatwick or Riga, since Gatwick has that great ice cream, but Riga has Lido with some great pancakes. Which would you choose?

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