British Airways First LHR to EWR, 28th December 2017, + Concorde Room Heathrow

This is a review of my BA first flight as well as the Concorde Room at Heathrow Terminal 5. You also get a bit of the Galleries lounge at the B gates, because of a big delay.

  • SEAT: 2K

Onto the review!

Here is the Concorde Room review:

We entered the Concorde room through the First Wing, which was at the other end of the terminal if you arrive by pod. It had check-in and smaller security screening. We checked in for our flight, and went through security, and then we were let into the Concorde Room. We then looked for a place to sit, and eventually found a sofa by a electric fire. We then ordered some breakfast, which for me was orange juice. Here’s a picture of our food:

Our breakfast!

Then we just sat on the sofa, and I was writing this blog post, and my mum was reading some news. The next event would be my mum’s massage at 7:40 AM. When that was done, my mum said she liked her back massage, and then went to get some coffee. Toward sthe end of my Concorde Room time, my mum went to get some magazines, I found our plane would be a 1 year old Boeing 787-9 registration G-ZBKN, but that was wrong. We then left the lounge, went to the transit train to the B gates, and got off. The unlucky part was coming. We then went to get some things from the shops, and then went to gate B34. We stood in line for about 20 minutes, and we were going to be the first people to board the aircraft. Then they said there was a problem with our 787, so we went to the Galleries lounge, and the agent at the lounge said the flight was delayed to 1:55PM, and an announement said the same thing a few minutes later. Then I figured out that the replacement aircraft could be one of four, the 787-8, 787-9, 777-200 or 777-300. The one I was hoping for was the 787-9, as the 787-8 doesn’t have first class, and the 777-200 and 777-300 are just boring. I’m currently in the galleries lounge writing this review and I have 2 747s in front of me, as well as 2 787-9s. Then the 747s were towed out of their parking spaces.

The Flight:

We went to gate B45, where we waited for 5 minutes, showed out passports, and then went to the lower level to get a bus to the remote stand. We then borded a 787-9 by stairs with a roof. Then we got on the plane and the crew apologized for not being able to escort us to our seats, then we walked through a mini business class cabin and found out seats. We were then asked to swap seats, and I agreed to the one to move to a middle seat. The amenity kits and pajamas were then handed out. Then the fun safety video screened. Then we took off, and after about 5 minutes the seat belt sign was turned off. After that, I changed into my pajamas and played with the seat controls, which were easy to use. You had to select what you wanted to change, and then turn a wheel to adjust it. I then watched something called “Airplane Pilot” on the entertainment screen, which was based on a Vickers VC-10. Then the crew started the meal service by taking orders. All I had was the apple and cranberry crumble, which was a pudding. I found out that while the USB ports worked for my iPad, the socket didn’t work for my computer. What I found annoying was that the crew said that they will un-plug anything that was plugged in but not being used. After that I made my self a bed, and wached Despicable Me 3, which I had seen before, but I still liked it. Then I watched the two episodes of Top Gear that they had, and then the airshow. The entertainment device controller was an iPhone sort of thing, and the screen was also touchscreen. Then I just looked through the entertainment system and found a trivia game on it. After that about an hour before landing, the crew handed out water bottles. The photos are below: (There will be more once my iPad decides it wants to send them :)!)

Me in the Concorde Room
Concorde Terrace view
Concorde Terrace view
Concorde Terrace view
Concorde Terrace view
Concorde Terrace seating
Me on the Concorde Terrace
Me waiting for a shuttle
Our plane!
Me in BA First


Ground Experience at Newark:

We got off the plane at Terminal B, and then went on a 5 minute walk to immigration, where there were about 50 people standing in the line, and when we got to the front part of the line, an immigration officer sent us to another line, which might have actually been longer. Then we went to an immigration officer, and then he took my mum’s fingerprints, and didn’t even scan mine, and then he put a stamp in our passport, and let us through. We then went through the baggage reclaim area, and joined a line where someone collected our landing cards. We then got in a taxi, and got out of the airport!