Heathrow Express Business First Paddington to Heathrow

Hello! Welcome to Child Flyer, and this review will be about Heathrow Express First Class from London Paddington to London Heathrow. Later tomorrow you will see my Virgin Atlantic 787 Upper Class review. Onto the review!


We arrived at Paddington by tube, and then followed the Heathrow Express arrows to the train. The train was going to leave in 11 minutes, and there wasn’t another train to board. We got on the train in First Class and there was seating in a 1-1 configuration, the Standard Class was in 2-3. There were lots of magazines and newspapers behind us. There were 2 power ports per seat. There were reading lights above you which you could turn on/off with a button. There was only 1 person in the cabin with us. The First Class area was divided into three sections, and ours had 10 seats (we were in the middle). Soon our 15 minute journey was over. Here are some photos: