Hilton Garden Inn Central Park South, Room 605.

  • ROOM: 605
  • CHECK-IN DATE: 29/12/17
  • CHECK-OUT DATE: 1/1/18

Hello! Welcome to Child Flyer, and this review will be about the Hilton Garden Inn at Central Park South, and the address is 237 West 54th Street. I give the Address, because there is a Marriott next door, and there is another Garden Inn a few streets away. Onto the review!

The Hilton:

We checked in around early evening, and there was a queue of about 3 or 4 people, and then we got a room key, and all you have to do is pay. Then there are elevators right behind you, and to get up to any floors apart from the 1st floor, you need to tap your room key on a scanner and you can pick any floor you like. We got assigned room 605, which was on the 6th floor, and was big enough for 2 people. There was a medium sized bed for 2 people, and there were only 2 chairs. The heating was a problem, because whenever we tried to set it, it would go back to its default setting, and eventually an engineer came up to fix it. It still wasn’t settable, but at least it was the right temprature. Then it was simple for the next 2 nights, and then I just stayed up all night for 2018. After that we checked out and got some breakfast, and then went to JFK. After that, we just sat in the Concorde Room at JFK waiting for our flight back to London. The pictures in this post will be here in about 10 hours, after I get to London and play some games, and then I’ll add the images. This is because whenever I try to add my pictures, it says “HTTP error”. Byeeeeeeee!