Primeclass Business Lounge Riga

Hello and welcome to Childflyer, and this review will be about the ground experience at Riga Airport, and the lounge at the airport. Onto the review!


We got to the airport at around 9:30AM, for our 12:30 flight to Copenhagen (continuing on to London). We went to the check-in machines, and they didn’t work, as they couldn’t “verify our identity.” We then went to the check-in desks, who said it would cost €30 to check-in at the desk. They then said that there was a problem with the ticket, as the flight on SAS to Copenhagen had been cancelled, so they rebooked us on AirBaltic. They said the problem was fixed, so we went to the machines again, and while they worked, they only printed boarding passes to Copenhagen, and not all the way to London. We then went back to the desks, and after about 10 minutes, they printed only my dad’s boarding pass, but they couldn’t print mine, and there were apparently no SAS people at Riga, even though they fly there. So we just left and went through security anyway, and they asked Latvian, English, or Russian, and they only speak basic English. I got beeped by the metal detector, and they just touched me with that stick they put into the machines, without asking. We then went to the transfer desk to have another go at getting my ticket to London, but they just told us nothing they can do and didn’t smile. We were then off to the lounge, where I drank a hot chocolate, which was good, and downloaded some tv programs for the flight.