Thistle London Heathrow Terminal 5, Room 163 Runway View


  • ROOM: 163
  • DATE: 27 DECEMBER 2017

Hello! Welcome to Child Flyer, and this review will be about the Thistle hotel at Heathrow Terminal 5. I was in room 163 which had “Runway View” as a feature, which costs 10 pounds extra for a chosen room. Onto the review!

The Thistle:

We arrived at around 9PM, and checked in, which was easy as all you needed to do was show your passport, sign a sheet of paper, and tell them if you want a wake-up call. We then went to our room, and pressed the card onto the scanner and it let us into our room. The check-in agent said the bed was small, but big enough for us (me and my mum), and when we went into our room we found it was plenty for me and my mum (as you can see below). 

The hotel calls this room a room with a “Runway View”, and that’s true, but for the real view you have to go to the restaurant. 

Then the rest of the night was easy to sleep through, because of Heathrow’s 11PM to 5AM curfew. We then checked out, which just needed them to take your room key and you can go. We didn’t go though, we went outside and then got in a “Heathrow Pod”, which took us to Terminal 5. The pod looks like the below picture, but it was hard to take pictures since the pod shook you around a lot, but the pod looks like this:

Me in the pod!
A pod leaving Terminal 5

That’s the end of the Thistle part of it! Next up is the Concorde Room, followed by a BA first flight on today, and a BA first flight on the 1st and the post on the 2nd! Byeeeee!