Virgin Atlantic Upper Class LHR-PVG, 24th March 2018

View after take-off
View after take-off
Nice Bed!










We left the Clubhouse about 5 minutes after boarding started, and it was a long walk to gate 7. Then boarding was called for Upper Class, so we boarded. The crew welcomed us on board, and then a few minutes later offered things to drink. I had seat 11A, so I was right next to the bar. We were then cleared for take-off. Then at 9000 feet the seat belt sign turned off, and at 10000 feet the WiFi was turned on. The WiFi costs £4.99 for 40mb, and £14.99 for 150mb. I got the “WiFi Max” package (150mb). Then the flight attendant came around for lunch and breakfast orders. My only complaint about the seat was the storage space, as you couldn’t easily find a spot to put your laptop. They give you pajamas, socks and comfortable bedding. Then the crew came around with bread, and they were delicious! I then had some ok beef, and then a chocolate and hazelnut tart. The food was good, but I don’t eat much aeroplane food. We then climbed to flight level 350, and then to flight level 370. We then had about 5 hours to go, so I stayed awake and just ate everything the bar had, and I went through three water bottles. Then I watched Wonder, which was alright. We then had 3 hours until touchdown, so I slept for an hour. Then we had a smooth touchdown at Shanghai Pudong. I was the 2nd one off the plane, because I was right in front of the door. Then we went through immigration, which had a long queue, but I got through so that was the main thing. We were then on a maglev train to Longyang Road station, and then in a taxi to the InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin.