What are my favourite Flight Simulators?

Hi, and welcome to Childflyer. This post will be about my favourite flight simulators.


  1. Prepar3D/P3D

I like P3D because it has lots of  planes with realistic flying. It allows general aviation to military and some old commercial planes. It costs $59.95 for the Academic Licence. You can even have people, although they don’t do much, and all I’ve figured out to do with them is to run across airports. P3D is Lockheed Martin’s flight simulator, and they really don’t want you to use it for personal use, but the Academic Licence seems to have an exception for kids.

2. X-Plane 11

I like X-Plane because while it doesn’t have the variety of planes that P3D has, it does have much easier to use controls (or maybe it’s just me being used to X-Plane and trying to move over to P3D). The other thing with X-Plane is, that it has better graphics, and better scenery, but the problem is, that it takes about 50 hours to download. The problem with X-Plane is though, that there is only text ATC, and no option to use a mic to communicate. The other problem is that it doesn’t have multiplayer, but I’m willing to give that up for the better graphics. If X-Plane only had more planes, I would choose X-Plane over P3D. Another thing is, that X-Plane is more GA/Commercial focused than military, but P3D is almost entirely military focused. X-Plane costs about $60.

3. Infinite Flight

Now Infinite Flight (I’ll call it IF) is a mobile flight sim, but it’s still good. I think it’s the best flight sim on mobile. It has all the planes from the A318 to the Spitfire to the Super Decathlon. My favourite part is the community. You can get IF for about 4.99 on the app store. The best thing about IF though, is the multiplayer. It has the best multiplayer of all of these, with three servers, and you can access them based on your grade. Casual requires Grade 1 (what you start with). Training requires Grade 2, and Expert requires Grade 3. You can have grades 1 to 5.

4. X-Plane 10 (Mobile)

While this is more realistic than Infinite Flight, it has far less planes. It does offer multiplayer, but it does that through Game Centre, which is too difficult for me to figure out. It’s free, but that onlyy gets you the Cessna 172 and Cirrus Vision SF50. The rest of the planes cost about 2.99. Its controls are ok for the basics, like throttle and yoke, but the cockpit buttons are really hard to press properly. this is my choice for free flight sim.

5. Flight Simulator X

Flight Sim X is ok, but certainly not better than any of the other ones on this list. It’s made by Microsoft, but hasn’t really been updated too much since 2006. It has multiplayer, but that’s not that great, but people use Flight Sim X because it’s the one everyone knows. Flight Sim X costs around 25 euros. I really wouldn’t recommend Flight Sim X, as the controls are even worse than P3D. It might be worth 5 euros, but not 25. If it were updated, it would probably make it to number 2 or 3.